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Hip Name SexGaitSireDam ConsignorVid
235BETTER THAN SOMEcPBetterthancheddarPathmarksAllen, Brian
186CURIOUS CORTEZcPBig JimLive To DreamBosnjak, Zeliko
231SHAKE SHADOW ROLLfPShadow PlayPanettoneCadman, Mark
14CASIMIR COOCHY COOfPUp The CreditAdulationCasimir Farms
34SUM CREDITcPUp The CreditAwesum BestCasimir Farms
148SURPRISING CREDITcPUp The CreditItsa Surprise TomeCasimir Farms
168SLAYERS CREDITcPUp The CreditKiller QueenCasimir Farms
178SHEHAWKS CREDITfPUp The CreditCasimir LadyhawkeCasimir Farms
200STORE CREDITfPUp The CreditManvers Short CutCasimir Farms
203SEABOOS CREDITcPUp The CreditCasimir MarjattaCasimir Farms
224SAMBUCAS CREDITfPUp The CreditCasimir Nite CapCasimir Farms
243SENATOR CREDITcPUp The CreditPresidentialmatterCasimir Farms
276CASIMIR SWAMP GIRLfPUp The CreditTrust Me AshleyCasimir Farms
309CASIMIR SURVIVORfPUp The CreditTropicana ChrisCasimir Farms
310SENOR CREDITcPUp The CreditSt George LadyCasimir Farms
113CRUISIN WITH ANGUScTAngus HallShipps FoxyladyCavan Ridge Standardbreds
166DREAM OF A HOLIDAYfTHoliday RoadKeris Majstc DreamCavan Ridge Standardbreds
181HOLIDAY I LUV LUCYfTHoliday RoadLavec De GinCavan Ridge Standardbreds
38CENTURY FARROHcPMach ThreeBeachy GirlCentury Springs
49MISSYS MAGIC MANcTKadabraC H Meadow MissCentury Springs
59CENTURY FELICITYfPShadow PlaySunshine PatriotCentury Springs
98CENTURY FATIMAfPBettors DelightMowet Blue ChipCentury Springs
137CENTURY FURYcPSunshine BeachUp Front HollyCentury Springs
217CENTURY FABIOcPBettors DelightExotic PleasureCentury Springs
288CENTURY FRASCATIfPSportswriterOdds On ChardonnayCentury Springs
74FREEDOM FORTYFIVEcTHoliday RoadDesi Sweet SixteenColville, Annemarie, Agent
171DELCREST STARANGELfTArchangelStars BalanceDelaney, Douglas
278DELCREST RONNIEcTArchangelNorthern KittiDelaney, Douglas
205CONWAY ANGELINAfTArchangelMary ToddDemers, Pierre
48DEBT COLLECTORcTHoliday RoadBurn A DebtGlover, Sandra
158ALL WRAPPED UPcTArchangelJukebox JackieGlover, Sandra
247CARD COLLECTORfPClassic Card SharkQuintellaGlover, Sandra
172HEART OF AN ANGELfTArchangelKor Mel Lil LadyHayes, Clare
67CORONA WITHA TWISTcPSunshine BeachCorona With LimeHighland Thoroughbred Farm
213FINEVINEOFSUNSHINEfPSunshine BeachMiss Old VinesHighland Thoroughbred Farm
45UNSPORTSMANLIKEcPSportswriterBoy Meets GirlIcy Stables, Agent
95TOUCHED BY MAGICfTAngus HallArmbro EpiphanyIcy Stables, Agent
141MACHPAPERSCISSORScPMach ThreeIcicle AngelIcy Stables, Agent
159JUSTJENNYSLIBERTYfPBig JimJust WarraweeIcy Stables, Agent
204EL FUEGOcTArchangelRite Outa The ParkIcy Stables, Agent
218MELODYfTGlidemasterMystic MadeleineIcy Stables, Agent
233NO BETTOR PARADEcPBettors DelightParade RouteIcy Stables, Agent
252H DcTArchangelMark Of HonourIcy Stables, Agent
291ILLGETMYOWN THANKScPShadow PlayTalula SeelsterIcy Stables, Agent
313UNDERCOVER ROYALcTRoyalty For LifeUnder The PinesIcy Stables, Agent
56JAYPORT ONA CRUISEcTAngus HallJayportcashforlifeJayport Farms
162JAYPORT ROYAL LIFEcTRoyalty For LifeKash EchoJayport Farms
78JLS SNAPCHATfTHoliday RoadDonnas Fast ImageJLS Equine Services
144SHE CALLS THESHOTSfTAngus HallIn Fine FormKingdon, Douglas
274PETRO HALLfTAngus HallSpare Time RozieLaver, Darryl
35PRIME MERIDIAN IHEfTJohnny WilliamB Cor TanyaOttier, Debra
280FASHION ROADfTHoliday RoadStriking FashionPetrik, John
103MORNING SHADOWfPShadow PlayFan For LifePosan, Les
295BETTER TO DREAMfPBetterthancheddarThe Big ScoopPosan, Les
1TOP JEWELfTArchangelTaylors JewelPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
2WAIT IN LINEfTArchangelWaitnforagirlikeuPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
15RED ROYALEcTRoyalty For LifeDoweypuffandhowPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
20QALIGIRL BLUE CHIPfPSunshine BeachAlpine Gold NPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
24SPORTSCAMcPSportswriterAnothercam KissPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
28DA NEWScPSportswriterArdor LockePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
41TOY BOAT TOY BOATfPBig JimBettor Be RightPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
46VILLAGE CHAMPcPBettors DelightBrass, VillagePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
47SHES A GUNSLINGERfPDaliKendal BulletPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
51ERAMOSA MAGICfTHoliday RoadCanadian MagicPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
54MACHING TIMEcPMach ThreeCareer HanoverPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
55MOONSHINEcPSportswriterCarolina MoonPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
61NORTHERN TAILWINDcTKadabraChippentailPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
64CARWINS SMOREcPSportswriterCocoacaraPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
65DEPLORABLEcPShadow PlayCool Place HanoverPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
68NEVER TELLcTSouthwind LustreCousinsPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
70LUCIFERS SONcTArchangelNorthern CrownPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
71IS THERE AN ISSUEfPShadow PlayCzarina HanoverPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
72LE ROI DANSEcTRoyalty For LifeDancing CoedPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
73QUINN BLUE CHIPcPSunshine BeachFrame WorthyPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
75IN TIMEfTMr LavecTymal FrancescaPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
80CAMBRIDGE KATEfTRoyalty For LifeAimees ImagePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
81FITZGIBBONScTArchangelDream InspiredPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
84BETTER CALL MIKEcPBetterthancheddarDropped The CallPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
85J M COOLALAfTArchangelDusty Lane SelfishPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
91EMMAS BIG DEBTcPBig JimEmmas LilyPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
92NIGHT SKYfPA Rocknroll DanceEnergy EfficientPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
93OKEANOScTE L TitanEnjoy N My LadyPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
94BALDER SONcPBetterthancheddarEpicPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
99LEFKADAfTE L TitanFabulous TagPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
100FACE THE CHALLENGEcPSportswriterFace To FacePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
101DESOLATION ROWfPShadow PlayFade To BlackPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
104HIDE THE CHEDDARcPBetterthancheddarFanciful WesternPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
105QUEEN CORAfPBetterthancheddarFans PhantomPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
108FINAL ANGELfTArchangelFin De MayePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
114QUEENJANE BLUECHIPfPShadow PlayDay Blue ChipPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
115BIG BENNYcTMr LavecZorgwijk DiamondPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
118ROYAL REPRODUCTIONfTRoyalty For LifeGhost GliderPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
126SIGNETfPSportswriterGold Not SilverPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
127GOTTA BEACH QUEENfPSunshine BeachGotta Love HerPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
128WARRAWEE ULTIMOcPSportswriterGreenwich GirlPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
130FABLES OF A TAILfTRoyalty For LifeHallmarker TPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
142WINDSONG PATRIOTcTE L TitanWindsong IdolPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
145WARRAWEE UMBELcTKadabraWarrawee IndyPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
146FOREVER DREAMINGfPShadow PlayDreamfair InfinityPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
149CHEDDARISBETTERcPBetterthancheddarJ M ChicagoPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
151WARRAWEE UTWOfTRoyalty For LifeU Can CruisePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
156ENCARNACIONcTArchangelJn DaytonaPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
157BARACUScTAngus HallJocelyn SeelsterPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
161WARRAWEE USAINcTRoyalty For LifeKaroonPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
163JETTING TOTHEBEACHfPSunshine BeachKatys JetPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
165KEEPER CRUISINcPSportswriterKeepers DestinyPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
169BEATINGTHEODDScPSportswriterKingston WhoPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
174ZIG ZAGcTRoyalty For LifeLady DonatoPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
179THE GREAT FARINIcTCornaro DasoloLane Of DreamPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
189TALBOT PLAYERcPShadow PlayLuck Of MichellePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
190ROYAL RHYTHMfTRoyalty For LifeLucyPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
193MADE TO SHINEcPSunshine BeachMaddie GPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
195NORTHERN SPORTSMANcPSportswriterSouthwind MadonnaPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
196THE MAGIC OF LIFEcTRoyalty For LifeMagic FactoryPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
199LIL SPITFIREfPSunfire Blue ChipMajor DelightPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
201MAPLES ANGELcTArchangelMaple SugarPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
202GIVING IT ALLfTAngus HallMarathons JadePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
209STROMANcPMach ThreeMia SeelsterPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
212SPORTS MIRACLEfPSportswriterMiracle LuckPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
215MOSTLY DALIfPDaliMore Than MostPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
216SPORTS FLIXfPSportswriterMoving PicturesPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
220LINNEAfPSportswriterMysticaliscapePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
221Y C JUSTICEcTJustice HallNadine AngusPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
226HYSTERIAcPShadow PlayNorth Party TimePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
230SUNSHINE INNfPSunshine BeachPan YankeesPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
234SUPER TcTE L TitanParlia HanoverPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
236ANGRY IRISHcPBetterthancheddarSt Lads PeeperPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
237SNOOKERfTE L TitanPhoenix HornlinePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
239ITAINTEZBEINCHEESYcPBetterthancheddarPink SheetPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
242JULIASPRECIOUSGIRLfPSportswriterPrecious RelationPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
250RAISING ROYALTYcTRoyalty For LifeRaising RoseannPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
253THREE ROCKSfPMach ThreeRock BrokerPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
254THECROWDISWATCHINGfPSportswriterRockabye BabePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
257XENAS SHADOWfPShadow PlayRoxanna HanoverPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
259REMARKABLE ROYALcTRoyalty For LifeSamartinaPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
265BENJAMEN MOOREcPShadow PlaySheezadiamondealerPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
267MACH PLAYcPShadow PlayShow BusnessPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
268CANT CATCH CHLOEfPBig JimSids SparklePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
277SUN OF A SHOWcPSunfire Blue ChipStar Of ShowPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
282H A HOUSTONcTArchangelStrikingimpressionPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
283FLY IN STYLEfPMach ThreeStylish ArtistPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
286ROYAL ESTEEMfTRoyalty For LifeSummerhill AbraPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
292THORNBURYfPMach ThreeVictorias PlacePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
296INSIDERcPSportswriterThistimeitsforrealPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
298GOLD EDITIONcTE L TitanTicket To BroadwayPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
302CALLGIRLINTHESANDfPSunshine BeachTitanic RosePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
303THEHOTTERTHEBETTORfPBettors DelightTo Helen BackPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
304TOMMI CANU HEARMEfTRoyalty For LifeTommi My GirlPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
305TOMORROWS HEADLINEcPSportswriterTomorrowpanPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
312WARRAWEE ULLAfPShadow PlayWarrawee JanglePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
314AMANDAS DREAMcTArchangelUneeda DreamPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
315SPECIAL AND UNIQUEfPShadow PlayUnique DesirePreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
316COWGIRLINTHESANDfPBig JimUp N ComingPreferred Equine Canada Inc., Agent
69NAGLEcPDaliCrazy She Calls MePrinceton Farms Inc.
125SOCCER ELBOWSfPDaliPindar Blue ChipPrinceton Farms Inc.
164KEEPERS LEGACYcPSportswriterKeeper FlyingPrinceton Farms Inc.
227POPLAR ARTIEcPMach ThreeOnly Way To GoPrinceton Farms Inc.
238GRADY OLIVERcTAngus HallGoingonbyPrinceton Farms Inc.
160JUMPNJOcPUp The CreditJusta JiffyR J Stables
134SAULSBROOK MVPcPSportswriterHeroine HanoverSaulsbrook Stables Inc.
13MAGNOLIA SEELSTERfPBig JimM T FreedomSeelster Farms
17DENMARK SEELSTERcPBig JimDrinking GamesSeelster Farms
18EXCALIBER SEELSTERcPSunshine BeachEagle KellySeelster Farms
22AFFLUENT SEELSTERfPMach ThreeWinbak AliceSeelster Farms
30CADENCE SEELSTERfTJustice HallCharming To A TeeSeelster Farms
32APEX SEELSTERcPBig JimArts MichelleSeelster Farms
33GENESSEE SEELSTERcPBettors DelightGlowing KilleanSeelster Farms
36AVALANCHE SEELSTERcTRoyalty For LifeA Bit Of MagicSeelster Farms
57SUNSHINE CATCHERcPSunshine BeachCatch A DragonSeelster Farms
60SILAS SEELSTERcPShadow PlaySmilesplaceSeelster Farms
76DECEPTION SEELSTERcPSunshine BeachDoinsomethingrightSeelster Farms
77DELILAH SEELSTERfTKadabraDonatos ClassicSeelster Farms
83ABERDEEN SEELSTERfPMach ThreeAlias SeelsterSeelster Farms
86ATLANTIS SEELSTERfPSportswriterAtlantic SeelsterSeelster Farms
107FREYA SEELSTERfPSunshine BeachFeel The RhythmSeelster Farms
123MARCUS SEELSTERcPSunshine BeachMistreosSeelster Farms
124GAELIC SEELSTERfPBig JimGoddesss PrincessSeelster Farms
138MILLENIUM SEELSTERcPSunshine BeachMaurockinSeelster Farms
167KYLIE SEELSTERfPBig JimKiddie CocktailSeelster Farms
170NOX SEELSTERcTAngus HallNorthern KissSeelster Farms
173WHITEHAVEN BEACHfPSunshine BeachLady D MSeelster Farms
176ORIGAMI SEELSTERfPSunshine BeachOutofthefryingpanSeelster Farms
177BRONX SEELSTERcPBig JimTarport BaccaratSeelster Farms
182LEGION SEELSTERcPSunshine BeachLegacySeelster Farms
191YARIS SEELSTERcPMach ThreeYankee AthenaSeelster Farms
192MOHAWK SEELSTERcPSportswriterMacapelo RoseSeelster Farms
197MISSILE SEELSTERcPBettors DelightMagna Blue ChipSeelster Farms
207HALLMARK SEELSTERfTRoyalty For LifeHollywood BeautySeelster Farms
214SPECTRUM SEELSTERcPMach ThreeStealin The KissesSeelster Farms
225NON STOP SUNSHINEcPSunshine BeachNon Stop RockSeelster Farms
229LARIAT SEELSTERcTKadabraLadycaneSeelster Farms
232PRESTIGE SEELSTERcPSunshine BeachPantecostalSeelster Farms
240PARLAY SEELSTERcPMach ThreePlatinum SeelsterSeelster Farms
241PIPER SEELSTERfPBettors DelightPorsche SeelsterSeelster Farms
245MOONSHINE KISSEScPSunshine BeachQueens CharacterSeelster Farms
248GOINOWENcPSunshine BeachRacey DateSeelster Farms
255SHRAPNEL SEELSTERcTRoyalty For LifeSimone HallSeelster Farms
256TARAGON SEELSTERcPBig JimThat DaySeelster Farms
262SPADE SEELSTERfPSunshine BeachShadow Of MymindSeelster Farms
264TITANIUM SEELSTERcTRoyalty For LifeTymal TimeoutSeelster Farms
269TALADEGA SEELSTERcPSportswriterTitania SeelsterSeelster Farms
270RIVIERA SEELSTERfPSunshine BeachRockapulcoSeelster Farms
272ARCANE SEELSTERcPBig JimAngelina SeelsterSeelster Farms
279RHYTHM SEELSTERfPSunshine BeachRockin AliceSeelster Farms
281SHANTI SEELSTERfTHoliday RoadStriking LadySeelster Farms
290SILVERADO SEELSTERcPSunshine BeachSilver SevenSeelster Farms
294LANCASTER SEELSTERcPSunshine BeachLadycinoSeelster Farms
299SHOWDOWN SEELSTERcPBig JimShe ButterflySeelster Farms
301TOMAHAWK SEELSTERcPBig JimTake My BreathawaySeelster Farms
44TRAGICALLY HEPfPSportswriterHepburn Blue ChipSpring Haven Farm
131GOODERTHANGOUDAcPBetterthancheddarBonita BeachSpring Haven Farm
198SHADY BEACHcPSunshine BeachMaid In ShadeSpring Haven Farm
261SPRINGBRIDGE SASSYfPSunshine BeachStonebridge SassySpring Haven Farm
297BIG SONGfPBig JimThong SongSpring Haven Farm
21SPORTSLINEcPSportswriterAngel In DisguiseSt Lads Farm
26ST LADS CASHcPSunfire Blue ChipSt Lads CocoSt Lads Farm
27PLAY GIRLfPShadow PlayApril ThreeSt Lads Farm
50ST LADS THRILLERcPMach ThreeWarrawee CammySt Lads Farm
63ST LADS DUNE BUDDYcPSportswriterApril May DuneSt Lads Farm
121ST LADS GIORGIOcPSunfire Blue ChipSt. Lads Top ModelSt Lads Farm
129ST LADS CHLOEfPUp The CreditStylish FameSt Lads Farm
185ST LADS GATSBYcPMach ThreeFox Valley GlitzSt Lads Farm
187ST LADS SHANERcPSportswriterSt Lads HailarooSt Lads Farm
284ST LADS DIXIEfPMach ThreeLola PaloozaSt Lads Farm
287ST LADS MEGATRONcPSportswriterLinatawa NSt Lads Farm
306ST LADS FIJIfPShadow PlaySunbatherSt Lads Farm
25STONEBRIDGE SURFcPSportswriterAsleep Onthe BeachStonebridge Farm
31STONEBRIDGE ALPHAcPShadow PlayStonebridge HugsStonebridge Farm
37STONEBRIDGE PRESTOcPSunshine BeachStonebridge MysticStonebridge Farm
119STONEBRIDGE MACHcPMach ThreeStonebridge AppealStonebridge Farm
140STONEBRIDGE SWIFTfTRoyalty For LifeStonebridge BalladStonebridge Farm
219STONEBRIDGE SHADOWfPShadow PlayStonebridge GiftStonebridge Farm
180LASTING HOLIDAYcTHoliday RoadLastingimpressionsSwitzer, Ken
23ANGIES LUCKEYLADYfTAngus HallAngie Blue ChipTri Star Farms
307RED HOT TORCHcTAngus HallTorchTri Star Farms
11KARMAS LBfPBadlands HanoverSimply LuckyTurner, Craig
109JOE MCDUDEcPBig JimMattercycleTurner, Craig
122LADY FINETUNEfPBadlands HanoverFinetune HanoverTurner, Craig
139JOHNNYWALKERDELUXcPBetterthancheddarWindsong HopeTurner, Craig
206COOL HAND LUCANcPSportswriterGlobal CoolingTurner, Craig
211GIVEHERNGOGOfPBetterthancheddarMimis LuckTurner, Craig
271LADY CATHERINEfPShadow PlayWorth AvenueTurner, Craig
4TWIN B FEARLESScPSunshine BeachWestern FancyTwinbrook Limited
8SHADOW BREEZEfPShadow PlayWhy BotherTwinbrook Limited
10SPORTJET RAYfPSportswriterWoes Jet FillyTwinbrook Limited
12SHES A PRETTY GIRLfPShadow PlayTymal XtraTwinbrook Limited
40CRANBERRY BRIEfPBetterthancheddarBestofbothworldsTwinbrook Limited
42BEACON HILLcPBetterthancheddarBolero Tam TamTwinbrook Limited
110SHADOW OF A DAUTcPShadow PlayFirst LadyTwinbrook Limited
116BLUEWATER BEACHfPSunshine BeachGalyn SeelsterTwinbrook Limited
147TWIN B FRIENDLYfPSportswriterTwin B IntimateTwinbrook Limited
153SPORTS MEDICINEcPSportswriterJegginsTwinbrook Limited
222JUSTICE FOR NARNIAcTJustice HallSouthwind NarniaTwinbrook Limited
246BONFIRE BEACHfPSunshine BeachQueens Or BetterTwinbrook Limited
289MANHATTAN MOXYcPBettors DelightSwirlyTwinbrook Limited
154VILLAGE JOULESfPBettors DelightVillage JestVillage Acres
82ANGELS PRAYERcTArchangelDream TakerWilson, Dean & Ashley
244LIKEMENOTcPShadow PlayPulse SeelsterWilson, Dean & Ashley
311SINFULcTAngus HallTyttis LastWilson, Dean & Ashley
3OPEN ROUTEfPVintage MasterEscape GirlWinbak Farm
5VINTAGE VIXENfPVintage MasterClearly FoxyWinbak Farm
7COME ON OVERfPBadlands HanoverOdds On WhiteyWinbak Farm
9WILD SHADOWcPShadow PlayWild MemoryWinbak Farm
19ITALIAN MASTERcPVintage MasterAll ItalianWinbak Farm
29CHURCH BELLSfPRoyal MattjestyArtist JewelsWinbak Farm
39ABOUT THE SOUTHcPShadow PlayBest Of DaylonWinbak Farm
43BONFIRE BASHcTAngus HallBonfire HanoverWinbak Farm
52CANDID CRITICcTArchangelCandid ManerWinbak Farm
53CANDID HALLcTAngus HallCandidcamerakosmosWinbak Farm
58POWERFUL CHRISfPBetterthancheddarCell PowerWinbak Farm
62BETTER THAN BOOTScPBetterthancheddarWestern ScarletWinbak Farm
66BEHAVENMYSELFfPBadlands HanoverCorelWinbak Farm
88VINTAGE SMILEfPVintage MasterElectric SmileWinbak Farm
89SOMEBODYS DREAMfPShadow PlayElla MaeWinbak Farm
90CLEARLY BETTERfPBetterthancheddarGlass MakerWinbak Farm
96SPORTY KATIEfPSportswriterWestern CatWinbak Farm
97CLINICAL TRIALcPShadow PlayEternal DesireWinbak Farm
102LOVELY DONNAfPBetterthancheddarFamily LoveWinbak Farm
106BETTER THAN FASTcPBetterthancheddarFast PrincessWinbak Farm
111REVIVAL CARDSfPRoyal MattjestyFit N FancyWinbak Farm
112STAR DOGcPSportswriterFour Starz HorndogWinbak Farm
120EMILYS SLIDEfTGlidemasterEmilys EgoWinbak Farm
132VINTAGE ARTSYfPVintage MasterHer Own ArtWinbak Farm
133ROYALTY AGAINfPRoyal MattjestyHere AgainWinbak Farm
135ANGEL STATUSfTArchangelHis MistressWinbak Farm
136TRYIN TO SCOREcTAngus HallHit On MeWinbak Farm
143BETTER SINGLEfPBetterthancheddarImoutahereWinbak Farm
155RICH BY STATEcPVintage MasterNine Of HeartsWinbak Farm
175LADY JACKIEfPBadlands HanoverLady LeslieWinbak Farm
183CLASS ANGELfTArchangelLife ClassWinbak Farm
184MADETOBEKINGcPRoyal MattjestyLilli MaidWinbak Farm
188WHEEL OF THE WORLDcPBetterthancheddarLow Country LoveWinbak Farm
194QUICK NICKcPBetterthancheddarMade Of MoneyWinbak Farm
208THE FIRST STEPcPBetterthancheddarMery Linny LeeWinbak Farm
210LIVELY LARRYcPBadlands HanoverMichikoWinbak Farm
223CHRISANNS MAGICfPVintage MasterJk CabaretWinbak Farm
228ORDER MATTIEfTAngus HallOrder By MatildaWinbak Farm
249REBELLIOUS LADYfTAngus HallRadical MissyWinbak Farm
251GLIDE N GOfTGlidemasterRevenue SharesWinbak Farm
258BAD N ROYALcPBadlands HanoverRoyal Lady LesWinbak Farm
260LADY NEIGH NEIGHfPBettors DelightSantinos RosaWinbak Farm
266SHES GIFTEDfPRoyal MattjestyShes GameWinbak Farm
273VINTAGE POINTfPVintage MasterSowhatsyourpointWinbak Farm
275HEAD OVER BOOTScPRoyal MattjestySpark OutWinbak Farm
285AROUND TOWNcTAngus HallSummer HitWinbak Farm
293TAILS AWAYcPVintage MasterDaylon TempoWinbak Farm
300TINAS SISTERfPBadlands HanoverTinas BlissWinbak Farm